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Heather's Blog~~*
Friday, 26 December 2003

I had a LONNNGG day at work today! I worked from 9am - 5pm, but I got out alittle before 5. I'll be working all during the x-mas break. It sux but I'll be earning well over $200 since they gave me 36 hours. Working at this nursing home is easy money b/c the people are basically like little kids that cant run fast lol.
Well now I'm waiting for Andrew to get off work. He said he'd be done at 5:30 but ya never know with his job!ggrr.

Posted by heathersworld3 at 5:13 PM EST
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Thursday, 18 December 2003

Guess what? I finally got a job!! WOW. lol. I'm working at the nursing home in my town. I'm getting $7.05 an hour. The only bad thing is that they're only working me 6 hours on the weekend. I wish I could work longer cuz its so fun, i love it so much! I'm gonna see if i can get more work in during my christmas break.
Andrew's mom is gone for christmas and new years. We'll be spending some time 2gether during the holidays so im happy, but he'll be working prolly late everyday so that really sucks!
I'm going christmas shopping for my mom this weekend. I'm just getting her stuff for her stocking, because I dont have the money right now to get her the $138 purse she wants from LL BEAN. But I will be getting her that when i get paid!
I'm going to get Linda(andrew's mom) a door rug to go in her house so when ppl walk in they dont get snow, dirt and filth all over the floor n e more. The only thing is Andrew has to pay for it, but they are at a pretty reasonable price so thats good.
I've been helping out the poor this christmas! I feel great aboout it. Today I was with some of my friends at school and we filled boxes full of food. After that we went out for lunch so its fun.

Posted by heathersworld3 at 4:10 PM EST
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Wednesday, 12 November 2003
Heatheel & Anduw
Me and Andrew got back 2gether last nite..yea I'm really weird for saying I wouldn't but I did. I just feel like I need to be there for Anduw right now. He thinks he might be suffering from depression, and I know how that goes. So I wanna be with him for this. But that's not the only reason why I got back with him. I hated being away from him and I really didn't wanna break up but I think I scared him enough, lol...Cuz yesterday he didn't even go to work b/c he was upset that we broke up. And he NEVER misses work! Sooo I'm happy now.

Posted by heathersworld3 at 4:02 PM EST
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Tuesday, 11 November 2003
sad 2day :(
Me and my soul mate broke up. I broke up with him on Sunday. He's changed so much I had to do it. But hopefully it won't be forever b/c I love him with all my heart. Andrew just needs to find himself I guess. Cuz he's been all over the place, lol. He's meant everything to me, and he respects me, and treats me great..he's just "dumb".lol. But it's guy dumb, but still he needs to work on it without me I think. He's the greatest thing that could ever happen to me and he's my best friend, I soo hope he does the right thing and just focus on himself and our relationship and not his friends. Cuz I wuv my Anduw! hehe

Posted by heathersworld3 at 4:05 PM EST
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